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          51. What does the author say about the assumptions made about the intentions behind a person's behavior?

          A. They should be trusted.

          B. They are often bold.

          C. They are often incorrect.

          D. They should be encouraged.

          Passage Five

          An interesting project called Blue Zones is recording the lifestyle secrets of the communities with the highest, hest concentrations of centenarians in the world.

          The people in the five regions in Europe, Latin America,Asia and the US that live to be 100 have a lot going for them. Genes probably play a small role, but these folks also have strong social ties ,tightly-knit families and lots of opportunities to exercise.

          As we were examining the dietary secrets of the Blue Zones, as described in author Dan Buettner" s latest book, The Blue Zones Solution, we were struck by how essential tea drinking is in these regions. In fact, Buettner' s Blue Zones Beverage Rule--a kind of guideline summarized from his 15 or so years of studying these places--is:" Drink coffee for breakfast, tea in the afternoon, wine at 5 p. tm"

          Science has plenty to say about the healthful virtues of green tea. Researchers are most enthusi- astic almt the components in green tea, as well as foods like cocoa. Why might they help so many Okina~vans in Japan break 1007 Some components in green tea can lower the risk of stroke,heart disease attd several cancers. One review study also found that drinking green tea can slightly improve metabolism (新陳代謝).

          If you find yourself on the island of Ikaria, the Greek Blue Zone in the middle of the Aegean, you won't be offered any tea made with tea leaves. Instead, Ikarians typically make their daily cup of tea with just one fresh herb that they have picked themselves that day--either rosemary, wild sage,oregano,nmrjotmn,mint or dandelion,all plants that may have anti-inflammatory (消炎的) properties,

          which may help lower blood pressure. This could explain Ikaria' s very low dementia (癡呆) rate,since high blood pressure is a risk factor for the disease.

          52. What does the underlined word "centenarians" in Paragraph 1 refer to?

          A. People who have secret lifestyles.

          B. People who enjoy physical exercise.

          C. People who are one hundred years old or older.

          D. People who carry the gene for being slim.

          53. According to Paragraph 3 ,what is the recommended time for tea drinking?

          A. In the morning. B. Any time of a day.

          C. In the early evening. D. In the afternoon.

          54. What may the tea Ikarians drink daily help?

          A. To improve metabolism. B. To lower blood pressure.

          C. To lower life stress. D. To improve social relationships.

          55. What might be the best title of the passage?

          A. Tea-Drinking Tips B. Lifestyle Secrets of Ikarians

          C. Tea-Drinking Ceremony in Okinawa D. Blue Zones Solutions

          Ⅴ.Daily Conversation ( 15 points)

          Directions:Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete thefollowing dialoaue by blackenina the corresuondina letter on the Answer Sheet.

          Woman : Hello, Mr. Johnson' s office.

          Man : Good morning. 56 ?

          Woman : Sorry,he' s in a meeting at the moment. 57 ?

          Man:Yes. This is Steve Lee from Brightlight Systems. 58 ?

          Woman:Tomorrow afternoon in your office.

          Man : 59

          Woman : Okay. 60

          Man : Thank you.








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